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The 12 Days of Brumalia
My rating: 8/10

This is very well-produced and well-put-to-thogether music from The Res' Christmas present of these fourteen songs. I expect a little more from them "musically" but there are some dark, creepy songs on here(Pieta Piper; Milking the Maid), some sweetly melodic ones (Leaping and Lords) but sounds like an almost techno attempt. I say this because a lot of these songs are fun to mix. Mainly because of good buildups and great transitions from something soft to heavy or vice-versa. A lot of the songs don't have words, and mostly the lyrics were nothing really special (that weird Wendy one, whoa) But there are a couple corresponding songs lyrically of a creepy multiple personality story (Pieta Piper; The Bonus Brumalia Song). And in Leaping and Lords, the boy who loved Betty found love with Ms. Wonderful, which is a little reassuring.

Of course there some songs that are nothing more than just stuff put together (Wiggling Wahines; Epiphany) and an choir singing "FIIVVEE GOOOLLLDENNN RIIIINNNNGGGGSSSS!!!!" will pop up in some songs. Also, Big Hand has this really awesome fiesta music in it, which stands out.

None of these songs are what you call "complete" it seems like, ending on beats you wouldn't expect, and span about 2 minutes long. But this is extremely worth it. Much like most Residents albums, it isn't like any other Residents albums. So I'm sorry if you missed going to this website on the holidays, but I can laugh in your face feeling good about myself finally while you hold on to all the collecter's items I will never have. So don't feel too bad.

-Citizen of Disequilibrian

Posted: Tue, 20 Jan. 2004
Expires: Tue, 16 Dec. 4741
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Before any pro-Rezzies begin to lynch me on this review, I want to "save face" of this recording. O.K. After a good listen of WB:RMX (for the upteenth time), this CD is fabulous! For the uninitiated, WB:RMX is a ReMiX of the unattainable WARNER BROS. ALBUM (named WB from here) demo made way back in September 1970 (pre-MEET THE period). To make the long story short, the demo blew and the band re-refined their "lost chord". The only significance of this demo is that it was returned to the band as "The Residents". Thus, after losing a chance of a record deal, the band gained a name. While typing and listening to the CD, I can't stop bobbing my head. The CD is a hybrid of mixed beats and loops of sampled WB stuff. As always, each track retains the bizarreness which the band is known for. As an opinion, the tracks were all redone; thus, this CD may as well be a fresh Resident recording (in conjunction with the DEMON DANCE ALONE tour demise(?) and the special "Brumalia" recordings from the Blog). With an additional drummer/percussionist, I get the feeling of a live "rave" passing through the speakers. This might as well be the band with a deejay performing WB. Being a groove mixologist myself, this CD can blend well in any beat/dance collection. No disappointment at all. As an Eyeball Buddy enthusiast, there are some parts in a song which have a tinge of other recordings (The New Machine, You yesyesyes, WORMWOOD, among others). And, yes, a tip to Snakefinger looms from time to time. Now, some may say that "The Resident went Hip Hop on us", "Don't tell me this is the direction they're going", yadda-yadda-yadda. Believe me when I say that this CD, like any other CD in their repertoire, is just an experiment on a theme. Will there be remixes of the other two demos? Only THEY would know, and my credit card is getting warmed up. By the way, this is not THE Warner Bros. Album. Ask Santa Dog for a copy.

Posted: Fri, 16 Jan. 2004
Expires: Sat, 13 Dec. 4741
Kettles Of Fish (On The Outskirts O
Made with lavish attention and extravagance for the truly devoted Rz fan, this set will wow the newbie or casual fan, too. A great big live mutimedia package of The Rz live performances, from The Boarding House performance up to Icky Flix tour. Three CD's of live music and one DVD of live video with some nifty archival easter eggs. Oh, and there's a colourful and informative booklet loaded with photos and illustrations with yet another take on history of the Rz and their accomplishments, and yes, very detailed "sleeve" notes, as we used to call 'em in the vinyl days. Yes, this baby just blows me away. Too many highlights to mention. Kevin Kunreuther

Posted: Sat, 23 Aug. 2003
Expires: Sat, 19 Jul. 4741
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Residue Deux
When The Replacement and Safety Is A Cootie Wootie got cut
as bonus babies from Eskimo and The Big Bubble respectively,
they both found a new home on Residue Deux, the second
collection of The Rz one-off contributions, singles,
mini-projects, and UWEB orphans. This is worth getting
because of the excellent remixing job executed by the fine
folks at Master & Servant(Hamburg,DE). Whoopy Snorp, Shut
Up!Shut Up!, Ups & Downs, Scent of Mint sound especially
brilliant. Nice album for newbies since this covers a swath
of Rz history, showcasing the varied styles of the band from
the crude early raw freak rock poem of Kamikazi Lady to the
sophisticated electronic synth space avant garde jazz of
Daydream In Space. One might quibble that this collection
fails in the sleeve notes departmnet - no informative
background on any of the tracks - but, hey, that's what
RZWeb and Bach Is Dead is for, right? Kevin Kunreuther

Posted: Mon, 14 Jul. 2003
Expires: Mon, 9 Jun. 4741
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Time is running out to get this cheap at Ralph America and EuroRalph, so snap this baby up fast. A collection of past songs that were mp3s on the Ralphamerica website in 1999-2000, this collection runs the gamut from the oldest official Residential release yet (I hear You got Religion - 1969) to film, documentary and CD-ROM scores and unrealised opereas and the wondrous live encore from the Fillmore shows (Walter Westinghouse, a standout!) Hey, and if you need to complete your Santa Dog collection, you have to get it for Santa Dog Gamelan Orchestra alone. Watcha waitin fer? Get Crackin' Buddies!! Kevin Kunreuther

Posted: Wed, 2 Jul. 2003
Expires: Wed, 28 May. 4741
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Demons Dance Alone
Very tricky this album. The music has a MOR/ambiant/pop feel though the subject matter is anything but light. Demons delivers on many levels, definitely not a straightforward concept album. Nevermind the September 11th conceits touted in press releases, this album tackles themes about relationships, loneliness, why bad things happen to good people, our weaknesses, cyclical behaviours and accepting fates and faults and moving on with one's life. After the first few listens, I had this hope that The Residents might actually score a bonafide Top Forty hit. Make Me Moo, Wolverines, Betty's Body has as much right to be on the radio as anything by Brittany, Christine, Avril, Metallica, Coldplay or even such old farts as KISS, The Eagles or The Rolling Stones or Paul McCartney. What comes next from the Rez is anbody's guess. Kevin Kunreuther

Posted: Sat, 28 Jun. 2003
Expires: Sat, 24 May. 4741
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Demons Dance Alone
8.5/10 I wrote this review a while ago and I didn't know what I was thinking.(5/10?) Well, I've owned is for a year and a half, it's a beautifully constructed album with intellegent "psychological study" lyrics and great songs throughout. Some don't work (Mickey Macaroni; Make me moo). But this is a great album that the more I listen to the more I like. It's melodic; hypnotic; sad; and has a bubble gum sense at the same time. This went from being one of my least favorite albums to one of my favorite albums. I'd tell which songs stand out, but they all do. I'm crazy for saying it was mediocre before so if you see me on the street one day feel free to concuss me with a flyswatter. -C o' D

Posted: Mon, 23 Jun. 2003
Expires: Mon, 19 May. 4741
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