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I am Jan Solej, your humble administrator of our group.

I bring to the table a life time of a taboo existence. That's what truthers were before the Covid-19 PLANDEMIC.

Been up and down most rabbit holes, but always stayed close to the word of GOD.

As a two decade digital warrior, I come equipped with a whole assortment of technical expertise and hopefully valuable insight.

I've vetted many theories, performed many experiments, and even invented stuff.

I do often speak in jest, sometimes in haste, but always in truth.

Time to go watch the back of my eye lids, yall have good night.

Re: Introductions

Thank you Jan! Identify with,and appreciate, what you wrote re: the rabbit hole, etc. So glad you and Fiona are out there. Its refreshing. Feel like I've found home. Catherine

Re: Introductions

Thank you once again Jan, you're going above and beyond for which I (and I'm sure many others) are grateful.

I'm Kerrie; from Victoria, Australia. I've also been going up and down rabbit holes for most of my 40 years of life. I've followed Q from the beginning- Q, Anons, and the Chan's have taught me soooo much about the world and life in general. It's been a veritable treasure trove for those who seek the unadultered truth.

I have a particular interest in spirituality and work daily towards the ascension of our 'species' into the all encompassing love and connection of 5D vibration. We are almost there, my friends, and truthers have played a huge role in laying the foundations for the necessary shift.

And being the walking, talking, contradiction that I am, I also have a broad spectrum understanding of Australian legal principles through my studies of Law, with a special interest in Constitutional law.

I have found (in a nutshell) that raising one's vibration, awakening the masses, and living by the application of our legal system just does not mix!

I look forward to sharing truth and knowledge with our fellowship.

Love and best wishes to all x

Re: Introductions

Thanks Jan .. You have done a wonderful job on this site .. You are very talented .. I have been in and out of rabbit holes too for several years as well .. Again thanks for giving us a wealth of information and a place for us to all come and learn more

Re: Introductions

That's the idea. All of us need a place to call home. This is that place.

Re: Introductions

Love it!