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Contribution possibilities....

Hi Team 😊

Sort of thinking out loud here and formulating as I go, but I'm wondering how our admins would feel about (and whether there would be any demand for) my contribution being an ongoing service rather than written submissions on a particular topic?

I would be happy to offer Reiki distance healings to those who ask and/or spiritual guidance to those that find themselves troubled or trapped in a predicament. I've been practicing Reiki and offering my services for almost ten years in my local communities.

Any guidance I offer would be non-judgemental, impartial, and heart-centered with the aim of helping one to see their troubles from a higher perspective. Sort of like a spiritual 'agony Aunt' you would find in old magazines, but without the ego and agenda 😆.

All offerings would be free, of course.

What does everyone think? Shall we fluff this idea out a bit further?

Kerrie 🌈.

Re: Contribution possibilities....

Thinking further, maybe the Reiki needs to be seperate as there is no physical contribution to this page in a Reiki healing. Just means the page is a booking platform and that is not my intention. Still thinking.....


Re: Contribution possibilities....

Interesting proposition. Im thinking on one end its a good idea, but I also feel like there is liability type stuff attached to it.

You could def. do a section on Reiki Healing, and if someone was to privately contact you for additional information well that would probably be ideal.

Why dont you create a topic here on the forum, which creates content for me to use to build your section on the web page.

I think that's the way I'm going to take contributions from contributors.

Having a dynamic user contributing web portal is where the future needs to be. None of this social media disease.

Re: Contribution possibilities....

Thanks for your feedback.

Yep, well aware of the liability component but feel like could work my way around it sufficiently 😉.

Okay, I'll have a go at putting together an article in Reiki and you can choose what you'd like to do with it.

Stay tuned....