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Survival Concepts & Skills 1,2,3 Plan

#1 Recognize
#2 Evaluate
#3 Execute

Recognition involves critical thinking, environmental skills and technologies. Sets up the questions of who, what, why, when, where.

Evaluation is the process of discovering the future path with the least amount of energy expanded. Conservation of energy should be the MO (motive of operation) to any survival situation. And if the **** hits the fan, it's a survival situation.

Execute, after doing all the set up work it's time to execute the plan. Here it's important to be dynamic, but never to stray from principle. Be fast on your feet, but calculated in your delivery. God's commandments, natural law, always apply. Even if it means death, dignity should never be comprimised.

These 3 principles I believe sumize a collaborative effort of many schools of thought. There is a common theme to living in light. If applied, it will always produce a positive output. Even if at first it may appear otherwise.

Let's explore some situations where strength in these concepts would by highly beneficial.

Food for whatever reason becomes no longer available.

Recent environmental situation leaves you incapacitated and from your group.

Your lost, hungry, and in unfamiliar land.

You've been imprisoned or by way of force subject to mercy of others.

Your corraled with many but must escape to safety.

Your stranded in/on water.

Your stranded in desert, forest, mountain, snowstorm, tornado, hurricane.

Surviving these situations could be increased by understanding and having these things getting worked out in the background of your conscious and subconscious thougts. This shouldn't be a one off sit down in the library. This should be normal every day life for a human. This abomination of a faux existence these Luceferian ****** subject us to is the very core failure of our current society. It has left most humans without their divine birth right skill sets.
Natural law IS God's law.

If you would like to see these concepts in action I would highly recommend any documentary on Cheetahs. Look with your esoteric eyes and study the divine plan in action. You can watch any animal really, but the Cheetahs are very impactful.

Survival, is called that because it's survival of the fittest. It's not made up, this is natural law.

We can take all of this a step further. Once you dial into the natural flow you can tap into it like a jet stream. Things stop happening out of chance and you can really start planning and manipulating what is happening and what WILL happen.

I don't know if it's a precognitive function or some type of foresight. But once you dial into this natural flow FEAR completely dissappears. Love begins to take over and the natural flora/fauna takes over.

So you see, survival is not a choice. It's the way it should be.