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Thank you

Hi Fiona,

I am maybe in thousands.... to write you how much I appreciate your posts and videos. I really like them and do not feel so alone.... what I feel and I go through.. :)
If someone reads this or not I do not care... I care about sending you love and support.
I am from Slovakia, living in Perth with my 2 children alone. My children are aware about everything, they know and they know they can not talk about it so much what is going on now at school.... I have no other family and I have 3 friends I feel blessed for and I can talk about what is going on. I just feel sometimes to scream to the world, to people to wake up, especially seeing parents at school, people at shops... but try to be calm and spreading love. It is just hard to be responsible for myself and 2 young children alone. Make the living and support us. Not to have daily conversation and passion about the world.... that is why I always love your videos to insure myself that I am not crazy and feel right.
I learn about Slavs a lot and Tartarian…. my roots but more I know more I feel disconnected to others.... to society where I am now.
I appreciate your work a lot. Keeps me going on and strong for myself and my kids. Still missing real human to talk not just over the media... :))
Anyways one more thing. What came to my mind right now. I learnt about language a lot and I have always problem to express my feelings or words into English language. My language has got more letters and is more rich in expression. it Has got more vibes and it is so beautiful.... Every word in my languages has got meanings and I started to notice the meanings in English. For example word HELLO. Have you noticed there? HELL oooo??? well, I am not saying HELL o anymore as my kids.. Hi or good day. :) I do not start the conversation in English with anybody saying HELL oooo anymore! :)
Thank you for everything. Sending love.