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A Friendly Gathering Spot for Members of the MHHS Classes of 64 and 65 and Anyone Else Who Attended MHHS.

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50 Years Ago Today...

I recall sitting in Virgil Johnson's American Government class when Coach Donaldson came by and said words to the effect that "...Kennedy had been hit." It wasn't until noon at the Pac-Out listening to the radio that we learned JFK had died.

Re: 50 Years Ago Today...

Jim and I had run over to his house a block away from the school, we made Bologna sandwiches with Ketchup. He turned on the TV and bam here comes the news. We were shocked, grab our lunch and ran back to the school to tell everyone. First time I had feelings like that, Think about Jim every time I hear Kennedy's name. Miss Ya Jim


Re: 50 Years Ago Today...

Ok, bad day for me to look at this site for the first time in years! Went home for lunch that day and it was the first time I'd seen my mother cry. Back to school after lunch for chorus when they announced the President had died. Jim Gette, Bill Postelthwait, someone else & I went to Jim's house and sang folk songs and probably pretended not to cry. Hi all!

Re: 50 Years Ago Today...

My folks let me play hooky that day and go with Steve Dyer to see him enlist in the Army. Drove up to Boise in his dads' Lark wagon, am radio and we heard on the news after we got there. Does anyone know the where abouts of Steve??

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