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Two digit phene numbers and party lines

The phone number for John Cristobal's Corner Drug Store on the front page is just two digits. I'm guessing this was in the mid-50's or so. I remember 3 digit phone numbers but I sure don't remember two. I do remember (I think!) picking up the phone to make a call, listening to see if the other people on your party line were on the line or not, waiting for the operator to come on, and then telling her the phone number and waiting for her to plug in the line. I think I remember also just telling the operator the name instead of the number, since she knew everybody's name and number anyway. Are my memories about correct?
I don't think there were more than 2 or 3 people sharing a party line so that means, with 2 digit phone numbers, there could be no more than 99 times 3 or 198 phones in all of Mtn. Home and the surrounding area. I know the population was much more than that at that time. How could that be? Were there that many people that didn't have phones?

Re: Two digit phene numbers and party lines

I recall our number was J-XXX, three digits I don't recall.

I also remember the meetings Bell Telephone held in the High School gym to teach us how to use the new rotary dial phones.

Re: Two digit phene numbers and party lines

Our number, around '55/'56, was 514J. We were on a party line for a short time. If you'd pick up and others were on they'd yell at you to get off. My idea of fun was to just lay the phone down and listen to 'em hollar...till Mom caught me. My guess woud be that those with the earliest numbers kept the one or two digits and the rest of us got longer ones as more places were added. Pretty sure you could get conected with just a name.

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