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Mountain Home High School Classes of 1964 and 1965 Message Board

A Friendly Gathering Spot for Members of the MHHS Classes of 64 and 65 and Anyone Else Who Attended MHHS.

Mountain Home High School Classes of 1964 and 1965 Message Board
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Moose's new Chevelle

Sweet car Moose. If I remember correctly the 389 had the same exact block as the 409 but was bored slightly smaller. I had a 389 Chevy for a while in high school, was lucky to get 10 miles per gallon. Of course at 25 cents per gallon, who cared?!

Moose's new Chevelle

Last Friday I worked for a Basque construction company. After work I drove this 48 year old Super Sport up to the Ford Dealership and parked in the front. I was in work clothes, wind burned and tired and covered with sawdust. My car needs paint and the stuffing is coming out of the seats. OK, it needs a little work and I have not gotten around to fixing it yet. I got out of the car and started walking toward the front door. An earnest young salesman in a company polo shirt told me that the Governor was coming. I told him that I would only be a minute: I had to drop off a bill. He told me the Governor would be here at any minute. I know and like this young fellow. I know his mom and dad and think the world of them all. I grinned at the young salesman and asked him if he knew I pay the Governor's wages. He was so earnest, and he told me I had to move that car. I think we have a fine Governor and I voted for him. The whole business struck me as humorous. I gave him my keys and told him he could move the car if it suited him. I did my business quickly and drove off in my old hot rod. I think everyone of us was happy, and relieved when I left. Life is good

Re: Moose's new Chevelle

Good story, nice old car. Oh we need a new Governor, tired of the same old boys club. Take a look at Russ Fulcher, it's like trading in that old Chevy and getting a new Ford. It was nice for awhile but it wore out and time to change.

As a matter of fact change out the whole crew, and vote for the guys that want to take back our land, get rid of Fed Gov control and throw out common core for common sense.