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Mountain Home High School Classes of 1964 and 1965 Message Board

A Friendly Gathering Spot for Members of the MHHS Classes of 64 and 65 and Anyone Else Who Attended MHHS.

Mountain Home High School Classes of 1964 and 1965 Message Board
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Gotta be thinking about 70 years ago. I know Tom is. We were in Seattle last week-end and our daughter came up from Portland to join us for a Mariners game. The next morning at breakfast as we were all getting ready to head home she told us that during Memorial Weekend she was somewhere that had a group of recent Vets greeting folks and she went up to thank them. As she started to shake hands she burst into tears. Not her normal style. She said it just suddenly hit her about what they must have been through. The chosen vet said " You need a hug " and gave her a good one. It's getting to me as I type this.

Re: D-Day

We remember D-Day in this family every year. Dad flew his glider into the area around Sainte Mere Eglise on D-Day and stayed with the Glider Infantry element he brought in, fighting with them for the next 8 days until he had to go back to the area where the Glider Pilots were being collected to go back to England to prepare for the next airborne drop. They thought there might be one sooner but after the breakout, the Allied lines started moving so fast that each drop's plans were overtaken by events.

Here's a link to the Normandy page on the Glider Pilot website I set up for Dad and his GP buddies. The website isn't professional and was done with what is now an ancient web app, but the pictures on it are well worth the time to browse it. They are mostly contributions from people all over the U.S. and Europe who found the site and then started sending them to me.

Re: D-Day

Here's a Youtube link to "Silent Wings: The American Glider Pilots of World War II - Full Movie"