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Ron Lemmon

Ron, Class of 1964, and master carpenter, passed away Mar. 20. Click on the link below for his obituary.

Re: Ron Lemmon

So sorry, nice man, fun to talk with and always a good guy. Rest in peace DAW.

Ron Lemmon

Henry David Thoreau told us that all men lead lives of quiet desperation. I am not so sure. Henry had not met Ron Lemmon. I went to work for Ron in 1976 when I returned to Idaho. Ron was a framing contractor and he worked for Rusty Hamilton, a custom home builder. The homes Rusty built required massive beams, vaulted ceiling and rake walls. This type of carpenter work is where Ron excelled. On each house Ron did his own material take off. He calculated the size beams he needed as well as his rafters and joists. With his tape measure, framing square and pocket calculator, he could figure and cut rafters perfect the first time. Ron's job sites were always clean and his crew were infected with Ron's zest for life and love of the trade. I remember once we were framing a house up for Rusty and the electricians started before we had finished framing the interior walls. There was one big, muscled up electrician that just took over the job site. He was sullen and crowded everyone out of his way. He had a spool of 12/3 wire hooked on a stud and he was pulling wire on a home run across the house. He was practically running through the house when I heard a slam, the wire stopped snaking across the floor and the big electrician was jerked almost off his feet. He turned around headed back through the house and he was mad. He was snarling how he was going to kick somebody's ass. From where I was standing I could see it all. The electrician came around the corner and came face to face with Ron Lemmon. Ron was standing on the electrician's wire, with his big arms crossed and a smile on his face. The electrician looked sheepishly at Ron and said, "Oh, I believe you are standing on my wire." Ron, still smiling, looked down at the wire and said, "Oh, am I?" Ron stepped off the wire and took back control of the job site. I remember once Ron and I were packing a big beam into a house we were framing. The beam was heavy and Ron had just one arm around it. I had both arms around it and I was staggering to keep up. Another workman saw me and started over to help me. Ron waved his big free arm and said, "Get back. He is just doing that for sympathy." Even I laughed. Last Fall I was working on a old house in town. A neighbor lady came over and asked if I remembered her. I did not. She said she was a car hop at the old A and W drive in when she was a kid. She said Ron and I used to come in there for lunch and tease her every day. She said she looked foreword to our visits and she said she called us her lemons. I have not steeled myself yet to tell her that Ron is gone. Yesterday Red and I went over to Boise to Warren's house for Ron's memorial service. When we walked up the grade, the first men we saw were Pinto Bennett, Steve Smith and Jim Lemmon. I hugged Jim and asked him how he was doing. He said, "Not worth a ****", then he smiled and said, "Thanks for asking." We are the lucky ones for knowing these Lemmons. With their skill and humor this family has made Idaho a better place to live.

Re: Ron Lemmon

A big man with a bigger heart.

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