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Mountain Home High School Classes of 1964 and 1965 Message Board
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Basque Totem Pole

I carved this totem pole as a trade for a sprinkler system at the Uriona house. John Agurrie wanted a pole that included the Basque Flag, and lau buru, or four heads. The A on the totem pole and business name is the same A as John's father's signature. Of course there had to be a sheep. The O is for the Oregon Ducks. John is a big fan. The sun at the bottom reflects the Basque history of sun worship. The eagle at the top is probably the finest eagle I have ever carved. OK, I traded my scaffolding to Martin Ytuarte for his help standing this pole. Martin and I must have stood 20 poles together over the years. Larry Lasuen was just driving by when he saw us working and joined in. John Agurrie was suppose to be golfing this fine Saturday, but I think his curiosity got the best of him. With three stout Basque men working and me taking pictures, this pole went right up. Last Wednesday I went out in my carving area to repair a huge crack that went from the wings to the head. When I got there, there was no crack. I remember this crack distinctly. Turns out I dreamed the crack. So, this is called the Dreamer Pole. John said it has strong medicine. Life is good.