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Mountain Home High School Classes of 1964 and 1965 Message Board
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American Kestrel

The very first signs of fall are in the air. The tumbleweed is turning red and the first maple leaves are turning yellow and dropping to the ground. It is almost time for me to visit my aunt in California. She lives just north of San Francisco. I always visit her in the early spring and early fall. She is in her 90's and the last of the Indians in our family. I was talking to her once and I told her I get restless in the fall. She just laughed. She said that was my Indian blood and I thought I was suppose to be going somewhere. Indians think a little different. I lived with her sister once when I was trying to get my feet under me. They both cooked country style cooking and in the evenings they both told stories of the old days and simpler times. I have a niece from England and she came and stayed with me one summer. I taught her to drive a stick shift and double clutch. I taught to shoot skeet and a pistol. About the only thing I could not teach her was how to smell rain. I had American kestrels here when she lived her. On days like today when it was warm and calm sometimes the kestrels would put on a show. They would hover in the air until you stopped to watch them, then they would fold their wings and come shooting through the trees like a rocket ship. They would then fly straight up and hover to start again. We would cheer for them. The show would last as long as we would stand and watch them. In time the ravens came and nested here. The kestrels moved on. Ravens will raid other bird's nest and eat anything live or dead. The young are almost full size before they start learning to fly. They sit on the trees making noise and sit on the buildings and even on the wood pile. By the time they can fly, I am glad to see them gone. A couple of years ago fox squirrels moved in here and nested and ate the walnuts off my trees. Squirrels will rob bird nests and eat the young. They will eat about anything but road kill. The ravens moved on. I have not seen any squirrels in months, but this afternoon I saw two kestrels here at the house. I guess the cycle starts over. Life if good.