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1957 Chevy

Bo, I was in Twin Falls yesterday to celebrate a belated Mother's Day with Red and Kathleen. As we drove down the main drag I saw a 1957 Chevy two door post with a for sale sign on it. It was painted the stock two tone grey and white. The body looked solid, though the paint looked oxidized. The wheels looked like oxidized American Racing Mags. This car was sitting in the front of an old gas station that was converted to a car lot. I thought of you immediately. I tried to call you only discover that I don't have your telephone number in my phone. I know you especially like the 57 Chevy and I think it is time for you to breath the rarified air of the hot rod enthusiast. Warren has a Camaro race car. LG has a 53 Chevy pickup that is so mechanically tricked out, and his son has a 1957 Chevy pickup with about 500 horses under the hood, that he drives everyday. I am working on a 1956 Chevy pickup with the big back window that belonged to my brother Bill. The Rogers brothers both have daily driver hotrods. The list goes on and on. I think you and I should go over to Twin and buy that 57 Chevy for you. If you need help persuading that red headed woman of yours, I will be happy to help you. She actually likes me. Call me and let us get this moving. This is a fine time of the year for new beginnings. My six year old grandson likes me pretty well. We had dinner in a sushi bar, Kathleen's choice. My boy, Declan, slid his chair over next to me and we played number games, that we made up, on napkins, while we waited for our order. He has not mastered chop sticks yet so he ate about half his food with his fingers while I sat there grinning. After dinner we went to an ice cream parlor for dissert. There were about a gozillion different flavors to tempt kids. When I asked Declan what he wanted, he said, "Whatever you are having Papa." We had vanilla ice cream in sugar cones. Declan topped his off with all kinds of the candy topping that were available. So, Richard, I say we have grandkids and hotrods. How does it get better than this? Life is good.

Re: 1957 Chevy

Joe, Thanks for thinking of Richard. He would love to have a 57 Chevy, however, we do not have room for any more cars. However, one of our 8 grandkids would love to have an old pickup to drive, so if you find one of those let us know.

We do need a new house. Would you be up for building a new house? We are in house price shock though. Prices are crazy here in the valley.

We need to get together and discuss this over a cold drink. Always, kris

Re: 1957 Chevy

Well Joe, it looks like we got the veto stamp. However she is right...I'm not into paying 100 bucks a month for storage. It would be great if I lived on a large acreage with lots of room and a big old shop building (like someone I know).!

1957 Chevy

Bo, I knew the 57 coupe was a long shot, but you know I like that long shot gamble. We have a family reunion coming up soon and I am trying to clean the place up and get everything painted. When I get caught up I will come to Boise and we can take our redheads out for a meal, tell some lies, and see what kind of plans we can come up with.

Re: 1957 Chevy

Sounds great. Give me a toot when you're done with all that work.

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