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Mountain Home High School Classes of 1964 and 1965 Message Board

A Friendly Gathering Spot for Members of the MHHS Classes of 64 and 65 and Anyone Else Who Attended MHHS.

Mountain Home High School Classes of 1964 and 1965 Message Board
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The other day I called Rick Berryman just to see what he is doing. He lives in Salem, Oregon. We started going over old memories. He would ask if I remembered the time we did this and that and I could not remember what he was referring to. Then I would say, "Do you remember the time..." and Rick would draw a blank. We both remembered the time we buzzed the local police department and blew the horn and raced off into the night. When the police finally caught us, they handcuffed us. Yep, we both remembered that, but we could not remember who the third guy in the car was. We talked about 1968. Rick, Richard, Jerry Palmer and some other guys we can't recall were living in Seattle working for Boeing. We all drove muscle cars back then. I stayed with the guys on my last leave before I shipped out to Vietnam. I had to go to California for advanced weapons training before I shipped. Rick decided to go to California with me and look around. I remember the first time he saw San Francisco he said, "I am moving here." And, he did. I remember we picked up a cute girl hitchhiker and took her to Millvalley. We had never seen a girl hitchhike. We went to Height Asberry and asked a hippy mailman if we could take his picture. He said "No." Arta, Billy and Linda Gridley were living in the bay area then. We found them. Rick asked me if we stayed with them when we were down there. I could not remember. He asked how many days we were down there and I could not remember that either. I went on my excellent adventure and Rick moved to San Francisco and we lost track of each other for years. Rick and Fish dropped out here at the house a couple of years ago and it took me a bit to recognize Rick. Yes, they had a little fun with me. It has been almost 50 years since we ran around doing things that don't seem that important today. I tell you what I do remember: I was in the lumber store recently and saw a little towhead kid. There was a good looking blonde headed woman in the store. I asked her if this was her boy. Her brother said, "This is her grandson. She has four kids of her own." I said, "So, you either have a large Catholic family or a small Mormon family." She grinned and said, "Neither." She explained that she was very fertile. She said that she is so fertile that she dared not look me in the eye. I don't know what my face did, but all the guys started laughing. I jumped in my old pickup and drove away grinning. Life is good.

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