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Mountain Home High School Classes of 1964 and 1965 Message Board
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Chinese New Year

Okay Moose, I am waiting to read the story about your trip to California for the New Year celebration with Jason and Helen.

Chinese New Year

It is not unusual for me to call TJ and tell him I am coming up to his cabin to go fishing. He might tell me that he won't be there, but to make myself at home: there are steaks in the freezer and wine over the refrigerator, and he will tell me if I am still there when he returns we will fish together. Mr Lau treats me with the same courtesy. Chinese families will go great distances to gather at their traditional family homes to celebrate the New Year. The Chinese New Year is calculated on the lunar calendar so it falls on a different date each year. The Chinese New Year is like our Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and fourth of July all rolled into one celebration and it lasts for three or four days, depending on who you talk to. I gathered the wind in my fist and flew down to LA on the 16th. Mr Lau's daughter and son-in-law picked me up at LAX and took me to Hawthorn, famous as the home of the Beach Boys and Chubby Rice, Mr Lau's newest restaurant. Mr Lau was working and he greeted me with a traditional Chinese greeting: Have you eaten? I had not eaten that day so Mr Lau prepared dishes for Joe, Linda and I. We ate family style and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed his cooking. It was like going home. The next day before we ate, Mr Lau and I went for Chinese massages. This is very different from a Western massage. We went into a store front in a mall probably built in the 70s. We sat in a small dimly lit waiting room, with incense burning and the matron sitting at a small, but tall, table and chair. She and Mr Lau spoke Cantonese in hushed voices. We were ushered into an open room, with soft Chinese music playing and cots spread out throughout the room. We sat on the edge of the cots and took our shoes and sox off, rolled up your pants legs, then put our feet in pans of warm water. You then leaned back on the cot and the girl went to work on you. My girl was in her 50s. She had small, soft, strong hands. Those gruel little hands seemed to tear the muscles off your body. I wondered how I was going to keep from screaming. As I got more used to this massage, the more comfortable I got. Mr Lau went to sleep and I could hear him snoring. After just a few minutes I passed out as well. I am sure we were in there over an hour and when we walked outside I felt like a new man. I asked Mr Lau which girl was his favorite, and he told me that he had given me his favorite. After we were tuned up we were ready to join the family for dim sum and later different feasts. The next day the whole family went to the beach. The kids dug in the sand, the adults swam in the ocean and Mr Lau and I walked in the surf and told each other stories. I could not believe how fast my time went by and how I had gained five pounds. Life is good.

Re: Chinese New Year

Oh well I liked the up date. Take care my friend things are looking up.:sunglasses: