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A Friendly Gathering Spot for Members of the MHHS Classes of 64 and 65 and Anyone Else Who Attended MHHS.

Mountain Home High School Classes of 1964 and 1965 Message Board
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Ching Ming

Mr Lau called this morning and asked about Red. Red was in California for four weeks this spring. Her mother was failing and the family called in Hospice. I flew down to Santa Cruz and brought Red home. One week later her mother passed away. Red told me about a dream she had: Red's sister was here visiting and they heard their mother upstairs moving around. The dream was about who would go upstairs and tell the old lady that she had passed away. The Chinese have a holiday much like our Memorial Day called Ching Ming. Ching Ming was celebrated last Thursday and because it is marked on the Lunar Calendar the date changes each year. Mr Lau's mother was Christian so they will take flowers to the cemetery. Mr Lau's brother-in-law's mother was Buddhist so they will take food to the cemetery. The food will include chicken, pork and other foods that the loved one enjoyed. I asked Mr Lau to take flowers and give them to Ma for me. His mother and I were good friends. She said that her and I talking was like a duck talking to a goose. She gave me her husband's abacus. This fine old abacus sits on my desk and I think of her every time I look at it. The older I get the more I realize how important our rituals and celebrations are. Red and I will be going back to California this week to say good bye to the old lady and wish her a safe trip to the spirit in the sky. Life is good.

Re: Ching Ming

Thinking of you two and and knowing that you will be fine. We will see you when you get back Home. Love You Guys.

TJ & Sue :pensive: