Debunking false dogmas.

The terror of constant brainwashing indeed spells hopelessness for billions.
A static intellect is when predetermination takes the place of honest inquiry and truth is suppressed. The culprit is misguided religion which leads to fanaticism, barbarism and superstition. This form of credulity is the catalyst of existing adverse and prejudicial conditions that have plagued mankind for nearly 5,000 years.

"When the time of destruction is at hand the intellect becomes perverted." Vridha Chan. 16:17.

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Can a fool, fool God? - Feb 08, 2002
What Baseball-club owner would pay his worst ball-player the same money as his best? Since he is the owner he can do anything and even through compassion make such a reward. But let's measure the disadvantages of such a measure, his club would go bankrupt because his worst players would never strive to be better while his best players would do less since it makes no sense to be the best. Baseball will become non-competitive and the millions who would be deprived of its entertainment will no longer support it, not to mention the thousands that will be affected by employment. If there were such an owner who lacks such business sense, he would be called a fool, won't he?

 A fool has no value for time or knowledge and so he remains a fool all his life. It certainly requires no effort to be a fool and in the end he/she repents for being a fool and gains salvation. On the other hand, a wise man values his time and works diligently and strenuously daily all his life, in his efforts through austerity and abstinence to attain higher wisdom also gains salvation.

Now I ask what would we call the 'All-powerful' God of the Torah, Bible, Qur'an, Puranas, Zend Avesta, Guru Grantha, and all that other false dogmas that can do anything, who gives the same reward of heaven to both a fool and a wise man? To an intelligent soul, he is not only mortal like the Ball-club owner but even more foolish. In reality, a fool who follows a false dogma is only fooling him/herself. 
                         Redemption can only be a fool's passport to a fool's paradise.

                                                      In search of the One True Religion

                                        "No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth." Plato

WARNING! Reader's discretion is advised - the truth offends!
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Debunking false dogmas.
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Re: Twitter - 11

Why debate the natural process (issue) of how a child is born rather than how the intellect works? That is a foregone conclusion.
The birth (concept) of child birth and the fruit of tree is the same process and tells one that the intellect is not able to fathom(reason) certain basic understanding of a non-issue. It further lends to the debased ideology of condemning the messenger rather than dealing with the subject matter.

On the other issue of origin of language, is to understand where civilization were developed-not corrupted by humankind and historians. More so, where the intellect (discriminating intellect)is not corrupted by narrow domestic walls to open ones mind to reason is paramount to debating an issue without animosity. The formulas of progression and the nature of human kind to conquer and dominate the pious and seer-like qualities of peace loving individuals and society lends to falsehood, corruption and our own demise as we can see happening today.

Peace, Peace,& more Peace.

Re: Twitter - 11

Well said! Demise of civilization is a natural process and now that we've entered the last age (Kaliyuga) it can be clearly seen by the enlightened. It isn't easy to explain to an uncivilized world but it must be done in someway even though only a few may grasp it.