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The Ninth Georgia Infantry, CSA Forum/Message Board

Welcome ALL, to the Message Board/Forum for the Ninth Georgia Volunteer Infantry, CSA. If you have a question or comment, post it here for all to see. Someone may know the answer!!!

The Ninth Georgia Infantry, CSA Forum/Message Board
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Bristoe Station-Camp Jones

Hi, everyone- I'm up here in Virginia, working on the Bristoe Station battlefield grave project. A little backgound; The 10th Geogia Infantry was placed in a camp after 1st Manassas that was a short distance from Bristoe station and Broad Run. It remained there during the winter of 1861-2, and a great many of the men who died in camp there were buried not far away. I am hoping that youall may have access to SCV records and ( hopefully ) letters from Camp Jones home that may tell us more about the men and the camp. Sure would appreciate any help-Thanks-Barrett