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Company D - 9th GA

I'm researching a CHARLES ASBURY RAY, whose widow said he'd enlisted in Company D, 9th BN GA Infantry at Camp McDonald, April 8, 1862 and was discharged in Montgomery, AL, 1865 as a member of an Alabama unit. shows that a service record exists for a CHARLES A.RAY as a member of this unit.
When his widow applied for the pension she never received it because no evidence of his being a part of the unit he was discharged from was ever found.
The most they had was an affadavit from a man named J.W. BURDEN who'd said that he was in Company D, 9th GA IN with Charles but that the regiment was consolidated into the 37th GA IN in 1863.
When I searched this site I could find neither Charles Ray nor J.W.Burden.
Is there any notes anywhere on Co D of the 9th being merged into another unit? Could anyone have enlisted into this unit at a Camp McDonald in 1862?
Thanks for any light you can shed on this.
Kathy D.

Re: Company D - 9th GA

There are several factors at work here. The 1st is a difference in military terminology. My website is on the 9th Georgia Infantry Regiment, an Army of Northern Virginia unit. Mr. Ray was a member of the 9th Georgia Infantry Battalion, an Army of Tenn. unit. I went to the NPS Soldiers and Sailors site at:
I found a Charles A. Ray, and a W.J. Burden (note, not J.W.)as members of the 9th Georgia Infantry Battalion. A brief history of the 9th Battalion is:

9th Battalion, Georgia Infantry

9th Infantry Battalion [also called 17th Battalion] was organized during the winter of 1861-1862 with five companies. The unit was sent to Tennessee, served in the campaign into Kentucky, then was assigned to General Rains' Brigade. It fought at Murfreesboro and reported 12 casualties. In the spring of 1863 it merged into the 37th Georgia Infantry Regiment. Major Joseph T. Smith was in command.
I then went to a CD version of Lillian Henderson's "Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865", and found this:
Ray, Charles A.- private April 8, 1862 . Appears only on bounty pay roll dated April 17, 1862 .
In scanning the muster roll of the 9th Battalion, there were several men with the identical record; that is, they appear on a roll of accepting a bounty for joining the unit, then no further record. He does not appear on any other Ga. rolls that I can see. Is it possible that he joined an Alabama unit? I went back to the NPS site, and it picked up this name:
C.A. Ray, Alabama Conscripts. I do not have access to the Ala. records, so don't know for sure if that is the same man......