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The Ninth Georgia Infantry, CSA Forum/Message Board
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Information on W. R. Lindsey 9th Georgia Infantry Company B

I am looking for any additional information on a Pvt. W. R. Lindsey who was in Company B of the 9th Georgia Infantry. This is possibly the man who was my wife's Great-great Grandfather. Her family is from the Walker county area in Georgia and he used to live in Walker county. I found a W. R. Lindsey in a roll call of Walker county Civil War veterans who received pension benefits and traced him to the 9th Georgia Infantry. He was wounded twice (in the leg and in the neck) but survived the war with only a limp--according to her Great Grandmother. This W.R. Lindsey was also listed as wounded twice. The only discrepancy is that when my wife was younger, her family went to the Chickamauga battlefield site. At the site they showed her a plaque commemorating the Confederate soldiers who fought there, her Great-great Grandfather was listed there and her Great-Grandmother used to tell her how her father had fought at the Battle of Bloody Pond. However, the unit histories I have looked at do not mention this and they only place the unit at the siege of Chattanooga during the period of the Battle of Chickamauga. The circumstantial evidence is there but I just cannot seem to pin down hard evidence. If this is the same person, her Grandmother has pictures of him that we would love to share for the sake of history. Any information either confirming or disputing whether this is the same person would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Re: Information on W. R. Lindsey 9th Georgia Infantry Company B

Mr. Vella,
The 9th GA. was a regiment belonging to G.T. Anderson's Brigade, Hood's Division of Longstreet's Corp at the time of the battle, however, Anderson's Brigade was one of the Brigades left at James Island around Charleston S.C. during the movement of the Corp from Virginia to Georgia. From the research I have done , the Brigade did not reunite with the Corp until after the battle was fought. Check with the people at the museum, they should have a list of units that were in the fight at Chicamauga.
Cary Meadows