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Animal Services

I want to let everyone know about an incident involving Dallas Animal Control Services. I found 2 large pit bulls with no tags or collars roaming the neighborhood near Jones Park, one large male and a pregnant female. I managed to corral them into my backyard and I promptly called 911 and 311 to have someone come pick them up. The dispatcher told me that due to the severity of the potential threat posed by adult pit bulls, that this request would be handled as a top priority. The dogs were in fact very docile and did not seem to pose a threat. We were told that a Animal Contol Officer would contact us in 1-24 hours. They ended up calling us two days later and we informed them that the dogs were released. We have our own dog and we could no longer afford to sacrifice our yard to hold the dogs while we waited 2 days for the city to respond. Worse than this, the dogs infested the yard with fleas which spread to our dog. It's not fair that responsible dog owners should be made to suffer trying to protect innocent children and pet owners from irresponsible dog owners who chose to perpetuate this breed. God forbid if my 2 year old daughter ever encounters a stray pit bull that is not so nice. I wish the city would take matters involving pit bulls more serious.

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