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Choosing the right diaper

I have allways bought my incontinence products in person but I moved and none of the medical supply stores around here carry adult diapers in stock, so I have resorted to retail. The problem is that no one carries diapers anymore, they all filled their shelves with "protective underwear" which I have no use for. So I guess I will either have to order some from the local medical supply store or a mail order supplier. The problem is that before I send off for a whole case, I want to make sure that I choose the right brand. Currently I use Depends, which work ok and I used to be able to find easilly. The problem I have is that I guess that I am in between sizes, Mediums are often too small, but larges are usually too big. I have tried Tena which fit well, and Tranquillity which I liked but could never get to fit comfortably, medium or large. I was just curious if anyone had some suggestions, I have bowel incontinence and wet the bed so the diaper would have to accomodate both. I have looked at the Secure Plus and Kendall lines on the internet and was wondering if anyone knew if they were good products?

Re: Choosing the right diaper

I'm also double incontinent and have found the Abri X-Plus, Secure Plus, and Molicare Super to work very well. I don't consider Kindalls, or Depends offers much in the way of quality compared to other products on the market depending on the needs of the individual.

Re: Choosing the right diaper

I concour.. STAY AWAY from kendalls.. i used to use their wings supreme..the tapes were HORRIBLE.. i now wear tena ultra.. i have moderate to heavy incon..for heavy incon you may want to look at tena super, molicare or abena.

Re: Choosing the right diaper

I have used Duraline ( for many many years now, and they are very good about sending you samples (in different sizes even) so you can try something before buying in quantity. Of course HDIS and other companies do this too, but do be courteous and order from the company if they take the time/effort and cost to provide this service and free product!

The people at Duraline are VERY helpful! I can't say enough about them.

I too am between a medium and large, and I use a variety of products - medium Abena X-Plus (I order from, Moliform Supers (from Duraline), large Attends with Waistband (from Duraline sometimes), large Tena Ultra or Super (Duraline), and large Secure X-plus (direct).