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Abena Quality Change...Anyone Else Notice?

Howdy all!

Got a question...Anyone notice a quality/absorbency change in Abena X-Plus Briefs lately?

I've used the X-Plus medium for day and X-Plus large for night (the plastic backed ones) for years now. Used to be, the medium would NEVER leak, was a bit "stiff" when dry and weighted a ton when fully wet. It also had a good soft plastic backing that did not crinkle much. Same with the large...and the large NEVER EVER leaked at night.

Well, in the last couple months, I have noted both products seem to have changed. When you hold the dry product it is more "flimsy" and thin feeling. Lately I've even had problems with the padding bunching up. The large have leaked fairly often at night lately...either not absorbing as much or as fast in times past...and my skin has felt wetter.

The mediums case I just received (the M4) has a very brittle/crinkly plastic backing that the tapes hold well on IF they do not rip off the back wings due to the brittle plastic when you're trying to fasten them tightly. They hold nowhere near what they used too...I'd say absorbency is down by almost a third! :( I have had quite a few leaks too, whereas it used to be I could wet until all the padding was utilized and they would leak at the WAIST, rather than the leg elastics.

Anyone notice this stuff lately or is it just me? I've had customers who seem to have run into the same problems. I judge this by the fact they have upped their case purchases and noted they "must be wetting more/heavier". I'd be interested in thoughts from others on this.


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Re: Abena Quality Change...Anyone Else Notice?

Bummer - I was hoping I was going crazy.

I completely agree Brian; I have ripped a few myself and have noticed the decreased absorbency.


Re: Abena Quality Change...Anyone Else Notice?

I'll throw my 2 cents in..

I dont know for sure, because normally, i dont wear abena or molicare..but a month or so ago, i tried out a sample of abena to see if they would be a decent extended wear diaper. I had read that they don't i was suprised after a wetting or two, the padding clumped up.. Was not really sure to make of it since i normally dont wear abena..i usually wear tena ultra.. My incontiennce is not total.. but it does require more than a pullup will give.. thus i find moderate-absorbent briefs to be my mainstay of protection. However, i realize that extedned wear may become a necessity in the future.
As i said, i don't have a lot of experince with abena..but i did notice some clumping when the diaper was wet. As far as the backing being brittle..i dont remember backing strength.. but on the abena delta form, i actually tore a piece out of the backsheet trying to apply the brief..sigh. Maybe abena is going down in quality, which is a shame..because i was looking forward to them making my life easier by not worrying about using the toilet without having to make frequent changes.. oh well.

Anyone else noticed?

Just opened another lot # of the X-Plus.....I honestly think this is worse than the last! They clearly fall apart, bunch up, rip and leak way before the previous version(s)!

Anyone else notice this?