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Question about plastic sheeting for bed-wetting/bed-wetting articles

I have an idea for a bed-wetting sheet and was curious to know if anyone else has thought along these lines as well. I wrote about this idea in one of my articles called "Waterproof Sheets for Bed-Wetting" and thought I'd get some feedback on it. Hardware stores sell plastic sheeting in various thicknesses(the most popular thicknesses seem to be 4 and 6 mil) for stuff like covering concrete to cure it,covering materials on construction sites,for remodeling work,and other things along these lines. Years ago I had a friend who had a young child with a bed-wetting problem and she used this type of plastic to cover her daughter's bed. I was also reading a book on asthma and it recommended this type of plastic to cover the bed to protect it from allergens.

Some vinyl mattress covers aren't well made and they tear after a while and I thought that this might be a viable option. The plastic sheeting you buy in hardware stores is real sturdy and will last for years that's why I thought some people might be interested in using it. The only drawback is that it makes a crinkling sound whenever you move around in bed but this problem can be minimized by placing several layers of cloth over the plastic.Some people might not be bothered by this(there are people who can sleep through a nuclear blast!) whereas others might not be able to adjust that is why it's just a suggestion.Although the 4 mil will work for this purpose my inclination might be to try the 6 mil because it's heavy duty. Anyway I'm just throwing this out here to see if other people have tried this method to protect the bed or to see if anybody has suggestions on how to modify this idea. I'm always interested in suggestions from the incontinence community.

Finally if anyone is interested I have written several articles about the stigma surrounding using diapers to manage bed-wetting and ways to overcome this stigma in addition to other topics My articles are written for those people who have tried various methods to cure their enuresis without success and have no other option but to wear protection to bed. I've written them under the pen name Colin Ellison. I hope this helps people.

Re: Question about plastic sheeting for bed-wetting/bed-wetting articles

I know the type of plastic film you are talking about I used many hundred roles on my job when I was working and still buy it to cover different thing here at home outside to protect them from the weather.

But why would you put it on a bed?
Every time you rolled over the whole neighbor hood would know it because it crackles so lowed.
It is a cheep plastic made to be strong but it is very noisy when moved.

If you need something like a bed protector go to a medical supply store and buy one made for that purpose.

To put something that noisy on a child’s bed don’t you think it would embarrass them to have their friends over and play in her bedroom and have someone sit on their bed and have that cheep plastic crackle.

On my mattress I have a regular hospital cover and sitting on my bed you would never know it is there.
You can buy fair covers at Sears and many places on the Internet.


Re: Question about plastic sheeting for bed-wetting/bed-wetting articles

I find vinyl in any form impossible to sleep on. It traps and reflects your body heat. It also restricts air circulmation to the point that I end up sweating and lying awake all night.

There are woven fiber bed pads available that repel moisture and protect the mattress. These feel like a normal mattress pad and are much more comfortable than vinyl.