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Carl this ones for u:Detrusor-sphincter dyssernigia, urge, and biofeedback/pelvic relaxation therapy

Hey, turns out i DO have detrusor sphincter dyssernigia. However, carl it sounds as if its not as bad as yours. I am going to do biofeedback coupled with pelvic relaxation therapy and hope that helps with it. This totally makes sense, because i don't have OAB urges all the time.. I DON'T have to go every 30 minutes. But what does happen is sometimes out of the blue i will get the urge to go, and i head to the restroom, and i hold my muscles to keep it in, but they let it out instead. Miscommunicaiton.. so hopefully this therapy helps.

Those of you who have done biofeedback: how helpful is it? If this does not work, is there any other treatment options?