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Wow! Some CAN be professional!

Went today for a polygraph and drug screen for a dispatch job I've been hired for. Well, they do urine tests, not blood or hair. When I told the dude I was incontinent and wear diapers but can probably push enough out, he didn't miss a beat. When we went into the bathroom the dude didn't miss a beat and was VERY professional and respectful of my situation. WHEW!!! SO glad that was over. I wasn't sweating the polygraph (which, by the way came out just fine. I "passed" (they actually don't use the words pass or fail) but I passed nonetheless. I was honest with the fellow (who was also my polygraph examiner) that the thing I was nervous about was the incontinence thing, not the polygraph. His attitude was "no big deal". I am SO happy there are those who can be professional about such things!

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Re: Wow! Some CAN be professional!

Good! Your message is a true triumph for incontinent peoople.. my supervisor likewise did not have an issue with my incontience. I would like to think most would not and handle it in a mature manner, but you and I both know things are different. Because, really ,if incotience were like any other medical conditon, we would have the guts to talk about it to anyone.. I have dicussed it with doctors, some friends, and my employer, and every time i talk about it it gets easier.

Brian Re: Wow! Some CAN be professional!


It is nice to find a person that understands our problems and what we go through everyday.

I find most of the medical people I deal with are good about my incontinence to bad everyone is not like that.

How are you making out cathing?

I am still doing well with it but it is a pain.