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It’s been slow lately

Wow I don’t think I ever saw this board so slow what is going on?

Brian how is your cathing going?

I still using catheters inside a bag a complete sterile system. For straight cathing it workers out very well but they are expensive glad insurance is paying for them.

I wish all a marry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Re: It’s been slow lately

Its slow at the other incontinence site i visit too.. dunno.. anyway.. as far as my situation, i am pleased to report that for some reason or another, my incontience seems to have dissapated. I still wear protection in public to guard against the possibility of my dryness being a fluke..but at home, i wear regular underwear! The stuff i worried about before ie shopping for extended wear diapers, debating on whether or not to give up the toilet for urination, etc. etc.. is all but a thing of the past. What a relief! I hypothiesise it may be a combination of the medication change finally taking effect, the therapy i am undergoing, and a change in mental state.. ie i actually believe having control is possible..

But, things are looking great!

Re: It’s been slow lately


I think that is wonderful about your incontinence I sure wish mine would go away.
This has been one terrible trip I don't see that any light at the end of the tunnel.

I am still cathing three times a day but still very wet. From keeping records of my cathing it seams as if my bladder lets go with a full gush at between 800cc to 1000cc on average. But I have cathed as much as 1500cc.

If my urologist gets his way I would cath every three hours 24/7 but I am not going to do that and he knows it.
First when I started to cath it was supposed to be only once a day just to give my bladder a rest then it became twice a day now it is three times a day. Enough is enough and I want to get on with my life.

But at least one of us has beaten this problem and I am happy for you.