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Diaper Preference Changes....

Hello All!

Been quite a while since I last posted. Started a new career as a 9-11 Telecommunicator (aka Dispatcher) and love it! I started about 10 weeks ago, and while the training and learning curve has been tough, I LOVE the job.

Interestingly, this has changed my attitude as to what the best diaper is out there. See, I am on shift for 10 hours and sit at a station most of the time and can not always take bathroom breaks to change when I need to. This results in a VERY wet diaper at times. I have been using plastic pants to make sure not to leak, as our chairs are cloth covered...which makes no sense to me. Seems leather would be smarter.

Anyway, for years I have been touting the Abena X-Plus as best. Well, I have to retract that. When I worked for myself, i had the opportunity to change when I wanted, etc...thus the Abena never leaked. Now, not having that opportunity, I have found I dislike the X-Plus for daytime. I have gone back to the Molicare Super Plus as my primary diaper.

I have found more recently that the Abena X-Plus quality has dropped something dramatically. From diaper to diaper, the quality control has really gone down hill. Some have more polymer and less padding meaning NO wicking....some have more padding and little polymer meaning that while they wick, they don't hold much and leak at the back of the leg openings. Another problem I ALWAYS have with the Abena X-Plus is only half the padding gets utilized before they leak and most of the time, you know where they leak?? UP out of the top of the front to the waistband! This really sucks when sitting for a ten hour shift. Also, more recently, I am receiving more and more Abena X-Plus where the tapes are stuck to the other wing of the diaper or to the inside padding, causing it to rip or the tape to be useless. Apparently keeping up with demand is causing Abena to lose focus on quality control and consistency. Sad....

The Molicare o the other hand I have found perfect quality from one diaper to the next through whole CASES. They wick beautifully and do NOT leak out the waistband (unless you have saturated ALL the padding) or the legs! The Molicare wick so well that I can utilize every inch of the padding before I need to change. The Abena have become lousy at controlling odor as well. I can smell myself within a couple hours or so at work when wearing an Abena. The Molicare will last four to six hours before any urine odor even becomes noticable to me.

Anyway, all this is to say...I'm going back to the Molicare Super Plus for daytime. Possibly for night time as well. I wear mediums during the day but stick with a large diaper at night because the padding coverage and fit are better for laying down. SO far the Abena X-Plus large has been OK. Gonna' try the large Molicare super Plus again though. For the price per diaper, the Molicare just make more sense at this point. If Abena goes back to the quality control they've had in the past and gets their padding/polymer mix figured out, I may try them again. I like the fact that the X-Plus is white instead of the ungodly purple of the Molicare, but wet pants are more noticible than a purple diaper under your pants.

Just my $0.02. I hope everyone is doing well and Merry CHRISTmas! :)

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Re: Diaper Preference Changes....

I have to agree with Brian Molicare work the best for me also. I don’t know how much urine Brian put out at one wetting but mine runs anywhere from 800cc to 1100cc and Molicare are the only diaper that will contain most of it but I can only get one wetting with them. When it gets to 1100cc it may leak a little but.

I still self cath two to three times a day and I as I can not go on command it just happens so we kind of figured I let lose between 800cc to 1100cc just from my cathing records and the amount I cath.

I have two problems first is the drugs I am on for pain will constipate you bad.
To counteract constipation I take laxatives daily with plenty of liquids about to, to three times as much as normal so that makes urinary incontinence worse.

There is a continence battle with my urologist ho wants me to drink less and my Gastrologists ho wants me to drink more.

My second problem I went through two years with a sore on my butt from sitting in wet diapers it just would not heal I don’t want that back. My doctors were beginning to think it was cancer but it turned out to be good old diaper rash but in it’s extreme.

Now I am fighting with my urologist because I been using condom catheters with great success and no diaper rash. When I use condom caths I can only straight cath my self twice a day.

Brian I am happy for you and your liking your job there is nothing like working.
I worked 36yrs as a maintenance machines millwright I rebuild large machinery some bigger than most homes. Some of the transmissions were as big as a large van with 200 speeds. My job I did everything from mechanically to electrical to making any part it would take to get the machine back up and running like cutting gears and shaves to reboring bearing seats. I worked with high precision bearings that cost $10,000 each and had to fit them with in .003 like cutting a human hair six times.

I went on disability at age 53 I am now 66yrs and I still miss not working I liked my job a lot. I was my own boss the company sent my all over to repair there machines I loved it.



How is your cathing coming?