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Dating with incontinence

I am finding it hard to date with incontinence. Is there any dating sites for people with incontinence? I am finding it really hard to tell someone I just met I have to wear a diaper but if I wait to tell them till I get to know them better it is hard to go on a date and manage my incontinence privatly at the same time. Does anyone have any ideas? I am a 33 year old male.

Re: Dating with incontinence

Hey Ian

If youve read my previous posts, you will know that im no stranger to incontinence, having been there myself. Thankfully, it seems to have disappeared completely, im dry as a bone, and back in regular underwear. But the memories of dealing with it are still fresh. And dating is one thing i often worried about. Everywhere i went for advice read "If she is for you.. then she wont have a problem with it." That's a pretty good rule of thumb.. If she is a good person to be with, then she is willing to forgive your body's troubles. If however shes turned of or disgusted, then she's probably pretty shallow. It is best to be honest and forthright about it..but don't bring it up out of the blue. Wait until the relationship progresses for a while before telling her. I hope the best for you.. it certanly is not impossible to date while incontinenent.

As far as mananging while going on a date, you are correct to an extent. You have to strike a happy medium between telling her too early, and telling her too late. Have you tried diapers like Abena X-Plus or Molicare Super Plus for extended wear? They can be worn longer than the standard disposable diaper. Hopefully some of the other guys can give you more advice..i dont deal with it anymore so i kind of am out of ideas right now

Best of luck!