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Snap-ez for Life


It is time to replace worn out supplies. I use re-usable products for home and at night, and have been thinking about using snap-ez.

My main concern is that I tend to sleep on my side, and have a well documented fear of leaks from any product that snaps. Anyone with experience?

What is the community's opinion of this product??


Re: Snap-ez for Life

I was the person who originally approached Ruth (the owner of Snap-EZ) to make me some adult sized pocket diapers. We worked together to get the design right before I ordered eight. They turned out so well she decided to expand into adult products with Snap-EZ for Life. Once business was rolling she decided to introduce adult sized AIO diapers as well and I participated in the test group.

I really, really like my pocket diapers. The crotch is wide and the waist comes up high, which is important for me. I quickly found that how much liner material I use, how I fold the liner before stuffing it, and whether I then unfold it into the wings, makes a huge difference. Simple folding for daytime, with a bit more oragami at bedtime.

I love the Snap-EZ for Life Simple Soakers. They are exceptionally soft, being knit fabric, and very absorbent after a half dozen washes. But, you can use whatever you want to stuff them... as in your old cloth diapers, bath towels (very cheap, very absorbent), etc.

The pocket diapers rarely leak, as in maybe once a year I've had a minor spot on the sheet when I woke up. Considering I am an extremely heavy bedtime wetter and I sleep on my back and side this is amazing. I use to have leaks at least once a month when sleeping double diapered with plastic pants.

The Snap-EZ for Life AIO diaper is also a great diaper, but I prefer the pocket diaper because I can target the absorbency for my needs.

I highly recommend ordering a pocket diaper and trying it out. I know they're expensive, but mine still look new after years of use.

Re: Snap-ez for Life

Thanks Shawn!

I was beginning to think this board was truly dead.

I was dithering between the AIO and the pocket. You have answered all of my questions, but one:

What is the dryer time difference between the two?

Thanks again!


(or two questions - We seem to have the same issues; tell me about the soakers, 1 or 2 for a night?)

Snap-ez for Life – Drying Time

Glad I could help Austin!

Dryer time on the pocket diaper is very short, as the shell is PUL (polyester urethane laminate) and its lined with polyester Microfleece. I wash and dry mine on low except the first wash of the month when I dry them on high (keeps the PUL sealed as per Ruth's instructions). I wash and dry the pocket diapers and soakers together, so drying time is actually determined by the soakers not the pocket diapers. We have a high efficiency washer and dryer, so after the high speed spin the drying time is 45 minutes.

I only have one AIO diaper and I wash it with my pocket diapers and soakers. The AIO diaper and the soakers take about the same drying time, but… I need to check the AIO diaper when it comes out of the dryer to make sure it is fully dry.

Simple Soakers for bedtime... I don't know how heavy you wet, so its difficult for me to answer. Personally, I wet excessively because of my particular health issues, so 2 of the largest Simple Soakers wouldn't work last me overnight. I use 1 Simple Soaker, along with a custom oversized soaker or a heavyweight bath towel . The oversized soaker or towel provides the absorbency I need, while the Simple Soaker provides the full coverage into the wings to catch any stray drops.

Important differences between pocket diapers and AIO diapers...
1. An AIO diaper is a daytime diaper… the sewn-in soaker is not meant for extensive wetting and at least 1 lay in soaker is required to make it suitable for bedtime. A pocket diaper is whatever you stuff it to be.

2. To make an AIO more absorbent requires laying soakers inside, which feel wet unless they have a synthetic top layer. To make a pocket diaper more absorbent requires simply stuffing in more soaker material; the pocket diaper lining is always between you and the soaker.

3. When an AIO diaper is wet it needs to be changed in full. When a pocket diaper is wet you can reuse the pocket diaper with a fresh soaker, if necessary.

If it sounds like I'm biased towards the pocket diapers, I am, because they work so well for my particular needs. The AIO diapers may work better for you.

If you can afford it, buy 1 pocket diaper, 1 AIO, and 2 Simple Soakers in the largest size that will fit both the pocket diaper and AIO diaper. Order 1 Simple Soaker with a microfleece top to keep yourself feeling dry when using it with the AIO diaper. Then try different combinations and figure out what works for you.

If you're counting pennies, order 1 pocket diaper and 1 or Simple Soakers in the largest size that will fit the pocket diaper. BYO bath towel if extra absorbency is needed.

Make sure you follow the the washing instructions on the Snap-EZ for Life website before trying them or they will leak.

Hope this is helping you with your decisions.


Re: Snap-ez for Life


Thought I update by saying that the pocket diapers are working well.

I will buy extra large next time, but that error was mine. So far no leaks, but the snaps still make me nervous.

Drying time is very reasonable, and comfort is outstanding.