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ABAIP has a new owner!

Hey everyone!

Well, after 10 years as the owner of ABAIP, the Lord has called me into a new career, as many of you already know, as a 9-11 Telecommunicator (Dispatcher). This is a GREAT new job and career and I am in the four and a half week certification academy at Eastern Kentucky University right now.

ANYWAY, Gary Evans of XP Medical ( expressed an interest in ABAIP. In the last two weeks he and I have inked a deal and he will taking over the company.

I am very excited about this! XP Medical has been the most worthy competitor that ABAIP has had and Gary has built an awesome company and has awesome customer service..not to mention pricing. I know that because he is who I buy all of my diapers from now.

I urge everyone to give him a try. The ABAIP site is in transition right now and I'm not sure how soon he'll have his payment gateway linked up to the ABAIP cart. His XP Medical site is fully functional though.

Congratulations to Gary on the new purchase and a HUGE thanks to all of you who have not only purchased from ABAIP over the years but also for being such nice folks. I have become friends with many of you and hope you will stay in touch. Keep coming back here too, as this site will stay maintained by me and I will be putting more time into it starting in mid February. ABAIP will still remain the SOLE sponsor of the site at least for the next year or so. Drop Gary a line and show your support. he really is a nice person.

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Re: ABAIP has a new owner!

Congratulations on the new career. I wish you every possible success and hope that you have a bright and productive future.

Re: ABAIP has a new owner!

Hi Brian -

Congradulations on your career change, always nice to do something new and be of service to the community.

One question, does the new owner have direct experience with incontinence, and incontinence products as you do? Advice from someone who really knows is important.

Thank you,


Re: ABAIP has a new owner!

Yes, I have spoken to him.

Mike G
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