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Veterans Administration (VA)

Is there anyone in this forum incontinent and using VA for their supplies?

I receive all my meds, and diapers (Depends) from the VA. Depends having better quality than some, but I can think of a number of manufactures with higher quality. I would like to use cloth, at least for night use, (no leaks) but from what I understand, getting VA to buy cloth diapers is not easy.

Any suggestions?

Re: Veterans Administration (VA)

I too am a disabled veteran and I get my meds and diapers from the VA. After several years with the help of my doctor I convinced the VA that the cloth diapers in my case were cheaper and that they work better. You need a prescription from your doctor and then verification by the VA. They will help you, but it takes time.

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Thanks for the info. I have a prescription for the Depends that I'm receiving now. The problem that I'm having with the Depends is at night.......they leak no matter what I do. I use a liner and plastic pants but because I sleep on my side a lot the Depends still leaks during the night. When I use a good quailty cloth diaper and plastic pants I don't have any problems. This is the main reason I would like to see if I can get VA to buy some cloth diapers. If I can find a good quality cloth diaper for day use with NO bulk and dind't leak, I would use cloth 24/7.



Read the thread almost directly below this one.

AIO for daytime and the Pocket for night sounds like the way I'm going to go (not sure of the bulk on the AIO, so at least around the house- out and about if they pass muster)

This cross pollination of ideas and experiences is why it is important to have forums like this available.


Re: Veterans Administration (VA)

You should read the VA information posted on the Angelfluff website:

Hope this helps.

Re: Veterans Administration (VA)

Hi. I was running trough the forums. I always look out for disabled veterans posts. I am a disabled vet and know how hard it has been for you and have insite. I got the va to approve north shore supremes. I have to come out of pocket a bit but that's because of how many I need because I have to change often during the day.
Please email me and I can give you my story to help you out. Plus get you the info of who to talk to.