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How to manage all night

My elderly dad is 100% incontinent. We have been getting up at 1am every night to change his incontinence pads. Does anybody have any suggestions on how he could get through the night without our help?

One thought I had was to use a really good absorbent diaper, and then use the pads as well. Then, middle of the night, he pulls off the pads, and the diaper underneath gets him through the rest of the night.

Unfortunately, the really absorbent diapers I have found are not elastic "briefs" type, but instead have velcro tabs at the sides (can anyone point me to absorbent ones with elastic?)

With the elastic type, you just pull the brief away, and you can get at the pads. The others with the velcro tabs at the sides can't easily be pulled down. Also, he does use the urinal when he gets the "urge" and wakes, and the elastic type allows him to pull the diaper/briefs down.

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome! We're new at this!

Re: How to manage all night

You might try using a cloth pull-on All-In-One (AIO)for night use. I've used the AIO made by Babykins and they are the best I ever found. They have a waist band so pulling them up and down is not a problem. However, they don't come cheap compared to disposables, but they are reuseable so over time the cost averages out. The only draw back to using this type of AIO is for anyone that is double incontinent(bladder & bowel). I've been incon for over 20 years, and for a long time, I was only bladder incon and used this AIO for night protection. If you need absorbency, I think cloth is best for night and the AIO provides both the absorbebcy and waterproof protection in one garment. Hope this helps.

Re: How to manage all night

Has he tried the Tranquility overnight pullup?