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Guess What! Im Dry and Diaper FREE!

Hey guys..

Recently i stopped wearing protection even in public, and wear underwear all the time. I have had no accidents, only minor spots on the underwear (MUCH less when this whole spotting thing started). Things could not be better! :) :)

So, What have you learned

...from your time in our world? How does/did your experience impact your future?

Does the common wisdom: 'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger' somehow apply?

I must admit to being jealous, a recovery is the fondest hope of all of us, and we rarely, if ever, hear or see one.

Good luck (and stay dry!)

Re: So, What have you learned


Ive learned A LOT. First, i've learned to take nothing for granted.. and to never take for granted having bladder control.

Second, i will be a lot less grossed out by diapers when i become a dad, and will be willing to change them, since i had to do it on myself for over a year.

Third, I won't hesitate to go to my doctor for ANYTHING thats bothering me, no matter how personal or embarassing.. if i can work up the gall to tell them my bladder is leaking, anyhthing else is easy, right? When this whole thing started, you would have had to DRAG me to a doctor's office.. but once i saw one things were a lot better.

Fourth, should my kid have bladder control problems/bedwetting issues, i will be much more understanding and tolerant than your typical parent.

Its ok to be jealous, i wish all of you were able to get dry!

and yes, in this instance, what doesnt kill you DOES make you stronger.

Re: So, What have you learned


What I would not give to be in your shoes. This being incontinence is a hard thing to live with but it goes along with my other medical problems which I have no control over but you beat the odds and that is great.

It is to bad more people are not tolerant of people that have medical problems weather it be incontinence or mental problems we all have to live on this earth and with each other.