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Incontinence products suppliers

I'm pleased to learn from Mike G., that the buyer of Brian's business deals with incontinence himself.
Not that I'm happy with his having to deal with this disabiity, as most of us do, but the fact that he knows about the various products, and should be able to recommend the appropriate protective product for each individual's needs.

Personally, I have been very disappointed by the knowledge of a great number of suppliers. Most simply know virtually nothing about what they're selling, and most often make up an answer or just read a script. On one occasion, a supplier recommended a "male guard" for total overnight protection, despite my telling her that I suffer from reflex incontinence and have no bladder control. Another, in trying to sell a automatic shipment plan, told me that I needed 10 - 12 diapers per day in an effort to sell me a weekly shipment program.

I'm wondering if other readers and contributors to this forum have experienced the same situation? Also,
does anyone know of other suppliers that are personally incontinent and know what they're talking about.

Best to all,


Re: Incontinence products suppliers

Hey there Walter!

No, I'm not aware of other suppliers that actually use what they sell...or have a need to.

That's why I was really excited by the fact that XP Medical acquired ABAIP! I was really hoping it was a company who had my level of knowledge of the products and commitment to customer service. XP is DEFINITELY all that.

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