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Site Gone Commercial?!?

The pop-ups in the middle of the page are totally poor form for a web site. Just look at the sporadic at best posts. Users have abandoned this site. Too bad at one time it was very useful. The 'primer' left years ago. Again too bad.

Re: Site Gone Commercial?!?

I agree, it's a shame that this webiste has been changed to a "commercial" site

Re: Site Gone Commercial?!?

No, actually what you said is the reverse of what happened here. The banner ads are because right now we've defaulted to Bravenet's free bulletin board service. I think Lyle have been the only posters here forever and I haven't seen Lyle here for a long time. I can't justify putting money out of my pocket every month for an ad free forum when we may have one or two posts per month. Don't know what ever happened to people. We used to keep up the paid no ads forum because we had a ton of activity. Then folks drifted away. If you know of good software we can put on the server that does not cost an arm and a leg, let me know.

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