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Last chance this week to give feedback to Abena

Hello Everyone,

Gary Evans here, owner of XP Medical and also new proprietor of I'm not sure if word got out to this forum, but I am in Denmark this week visiting with Abena that their headquarters. I am still looking for any feedback that our regular users might have on Abena products. This is important to help guide the future design of Abena products as well as focusing their attention to any particular problems or areas for improvement.

I have set up a special email address:

to gather your comments and suggestions. Please know that although I will not have time to reply to comments, I will read and share every comment with Abena. Now is your chance to make your voice heard, so fire away - I await your comments.

Best Wishes,
Gary Evans
XP Medical

Re: Last chance this week to give feedback to Abena

Guess I missed this...but:

1) Thier cloth covered briefs weep liquid and feel damp on the outside

2) Thier plastic backed ones have pin hole leaks all the time.

Not sure I'll bother with them any more....