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The 12 Hour Diaper.....

OK, here's a pet peeve of mine. Anyone seen those diapers that advertise themselves as 12 hour diapers? Anyone actually WEAR their diaper for 12 hours??

I ask this because in my opinion that kind of advertising is not only bunk, but a danger to your health. This is my opinion as an incontinent individual. You ever catch a whiff of your diaper when you get up in the morning? Now, seing the average person sleeps only 6 to 7 hours a night, imagine that diaper after 5 to 6 more hours! Trust me, on average you would be able to smell...err...tell someone who was wearing a diaper for twelve hours. Fact is, there is bacteria on our skin and exposure to air causes ammonia to form in that amount of time.

I found something new that i had never quite thought about. If you self cath and wear diapers, your odor will build up quicker. I'm looking for medical studies on this but I have noticed that since I started cathing a couple or so years ago, I can only wear a diaper for 6 hours TOPS before odor gets heavy. Probably because those of us who self cath will always show bacteria in our urine even if we don't have an active uti.

Am I saying there aren't diapers out there that have the absorbency capacity to go twelve hours? No. There are diapers out there I guarantee you can handle 12 hours of absorbency. But, the smell factor...let alone how bad it is for your skin to be in that constant wet ammonia environment, would get intolerable.

Bottom line...if they advertise a 12 hour diaper, go elsewhere. Stick with something that may last you six...eight hours MAX, and save some money. You're going to change it that often anyway. Why pay for overkill?

Anyone think I'm off base here? Anyone agree? I'd be very interested in your thoughts on this.

Hope everyone is well!

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Re: The 12 Hour Diaper.....

Brian - I agree with you.

12 hours in a wet diaper would eventually destroy you skin; plus the odor so bad no one would want to be anywhere near you.

When I became incontinent some 35 years ago, the only viable absorbent products were cloth diapers. I clearly remember when the representative from the diaper service, who was an R.N., visited me at the rehab center, she told me that it was imperative to change at least every four hours. She said otherwise my skin would become raw and possible infection could develop. For overnight, she told me to use a barrier cream over the entire diaper area to prevent skin issues. This is something I did every night, and continue to this day.

While I have only used disposable diapers for the past many years, I still change every four hours during the day. You are so right, anyone claiming that a 12 hour diaper is good incontinence management needs to be incontinent himself/herself, and then find out what it's really all about.

Good call, Brian.

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Re: The 12 Hour Diaper.....

No kidding! Absurd.

Also, anyone else find "breathable" diapers to be useful during the day? I just don't get them....I don't want the odor of what is in my diaper breathing out...and that is what I find with them....I want all the odor and moisture trapped in there! I tried the Abena breathables, and my clothes felt damp after the brief was wet! What's the point in that!?

Re: The 12 Hour Diaper.....

The 12 hour brand I'm using works better than Abena. I don't wear for 12 hours but they seem to work better than Abena during the day and work very well at night. In the last 4 days, I have not leaked at all during the night and that is very rare with a disposable.
It won't last 12 hours but one diaper can get me through a workday which is a big plus.

Re: The 12 Hour Diaper.....

May I ask what you use.