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FSA Update....

Huh! Guess complaining does work after all! You may remember my post about FSA account and some brands/products being approved and others not. Well, this evening, I went to XP Medical and tried to order Molicare Super Plus Briefs again with my FSA card so I could forward to Gary the denial email I got (because I had done this with ABAIP earlier in the day) so we could figure out why my card would not work through the site. Well, the last time I tried to order from XP with my FSA card, I complained to my FSA Company (FEBCO) about the lack of choice in brands and suppliers (specifically XP, since that's where I'm used to ordering from) and tonight....LOL! even though I did not need more Molicare yet...the transaction went through just fine! Oh well, I'll find somewhere to store them. Not like I won't use them. :)

Anyway, just thought I'd give an update. I guess complaining does work sometimes!

Hope everyone is well. Hope folks will start posting different topics again some day.

Kind Regards,

One of the Moderators