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mens pullups

New to the site.
Need advice on ordering most economical nightime pullup for my father in law. He is retired military.
Am tired of paying a monthly fortune.
Any suggestions?

Re: mens pullups


Well, this depends on how heavy his incontinence is and if it's bladder, bowel or both. Does he just dribble constantly or wet large amounts at one time (flood)?

Unless he just dribbles or wets very small amounts each time, there is NO overnight pullup I recommend for us guys. I say this as someone who is totally bladder incontinent and sometimes has bowel incontinence problems. Pullups, no matter how they are marketed at us guys are really almost useless for us guys. A tape on (or with the newer products cloth like with velcro like tabs) diaper type brief is more appropriate and effective.

Depending on his incontinence and what you mean by economical there may be some good options. If he's a light wetter, he may be able to use something as light as an Attends Extra Absorbency Breathable Brief (diaper). or he may need something as heavy as an Abena X-Plus type brief (diaper). If you can give a little more information as to whatrhis incontinence consists of and what you consider "economical" I may be able to give you better guidance.

Kind Regards,

Incontinenct adult in KY and one of the Moderators