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Anyone try Provider's Choice Active Ultra Diapers?

Hey all!

Wow, it's been so incredibly quiet around here. Where has everyone been?

Was curious if anyone has tried the Provider's Choice Ultra Active diaper yet? Yet another diaper that touts a 12 hour wear time and touts itself as better than Abena X-Plus or Molicare Super Plus. It has a plastic backing but has velcro like tabs. A very different product indeed! I just received an email about it and was curious as to what others thought.

Happy Independence Day to everyone! A very SINCERE "thank you" to all of our Veterans and active Military folks who have kept it possible for us to observe this day! Your service is very much appreciated!


Re: Anyone try Provider's Choice Active Ultra Diapers?

I first requested a couple of samples of the medium diaper to try, then I bought 2 cases

It’s quite a diaper. Plastic outside, there is a landing zone on the front for the Velcro fasteners. The Velcro holds extremely well, even after hours of wear, doesn’t slip, can be refastened to get just the right fit.

Capacity, I believe it could be a 12 hour diaper, but I try not to wear that long. It holds so much it will sag. Whenever I’ve changed out of one, there is always room for more urine.

Standing leg guards or leakage guards, about 1 inch in height.

It rivals both Abena X-Plus and Molicare Super Plus.

If you're looking for a long lasting,comfortable diaper, Provider's Choice Active Ultra Diaper is good.


Re: Anyone try Provider's Choice Active Ultra Diapers?

Hey there Arthur!

Wow, there IS still someone who hangs around here! I am very glad to see that. :)

Wow, that's quite a review! The fact that they are made by a company in china doesn't really bother you at all? I'm kinda' leery of Chinese products, with all the problems they have had with kids toys with lead and cadmium. Not saying anything BAD about this product...was just curious. Of course, without Chinese products, I guess we wouldn't have anything anymore. LOL@ The thing that really intrigues me is the velcro tabs on a plastic backed product. What a great idea!

Anyway, I'm glad to see someone is still hanging around here. Hopefully others are too. :)

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Again, a BIG THANK YOU to all of our currently active and veteran military folks! You're awesome!


Re: Anyone try Provider's Choice Active Ultra Diapers?

Just received my first case. I will agree they are comfortable and do rival the X-Plus and Molicare, however I am disappointed at the strength of the tabs. The tab is longer and wider than others I've seen, but the portion of it that actually secures with Velcro is literally 1" x 1/3"! So far out of 6 briefs, the Velcro has separated from all 4 tabs 4 after being worn for hours.

Absorbency is good with fair wicking abilities, the press-out is a little disappointing.

All in all, the comfort in my opinion is better than Molicare and Abena but the X-Plus still beats the absorbency.

Re: Anyone try Provider's Choice Active Ultra Diapers?

Hi Seth and all!

I ran into the same problem with the velcro tabs seth and then went back and looked at the bag. It says to let the diaper "relax" when applying the velcro tabs, instead of putting it on really tight and I tried it. Two things happened:

1. The wetness seemed to move through the diaper pading much better, meaning I was utilizing more of the padding.
2. The velcro tabs did not come apart as you noted.

Now, you're going to think the diaper would sag and/or pull down if it is fastened more loosely. NOPE! I can confidently say this, as I now walk with long leg braces and they do not sag nor do they pull down.

Consistency of quality is every bit as good as Molicare and WAY better than Abena. I am using an Abena case right now where the diapers are very flimsy and light feeling, meaning there is much less polymer than supposed to be int hem. One even leaked one night and I was NOT happy. Abena's quality control just plain SUCKS. I have opened diapers to put them on and had tapes stuck to the diaper and useless, uneven polymer distribution, padding outside of the intended padding area (like up in the waistband or down in the leg elastic). This is sometimes all within the SAME BAG. I've switched back to Molicare Super Plus for my daytime diaper when out and about (use cheaper stuff at home when near the bathroom or after cathing) and at night I am looking to switch to either the Dry247 (announcement about that coming in the near future on where you can get them) or the Provider's Choice Ultra. Quality consistency in the Provider's Choice is almost as good as the Molicare. The only problem I've had is two diapers out of the case of 48, one of the velcro tabs has come off...the plastic ripping as I'm pulling it around to fasten the a weak spot int he plastic. This can happen if machinery stops suddenly, as like in a power outage. The plastic stretches and becomes weak int he machinery. If not noticed by quality control, this issue can happen. At least Abena has fixed that problem in their products. I have not had that happen to an X-Plus in a LONG time. Molicare has not quite fixed that problem yet. I've had about 3 diapers in the last two cases this has happened with.

Anyway, not pushing the Provider's Choice in any way, but thought I'd throw my two cents in there.

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Re: Anyone try Provider's Choice Active Ultra Diapers?


Thanks for the tip. I've never been an instruction follower. :)

I see the dry247 website is up discussing new product. Is that the brief you're referring to?


Re: Anyone try Provider's Choice Active Ultra Diapers?

Hey Seth!

Yes, those were what I was referring to. They're an excellent product, but I definitely don't promote products for 12 hours or moe of wear time. I wonder how those who do wear for 12 plus hours even stand their own odor. Maybe they're doing something that keeps odor down or to a minimum and it's not an issue. When it comes to odor, I am a freak. I do NOT like to smell AT ALL, so being incontinent, while not that big of a deal to me, is a real pain in that right. I am always conscious (maybe overly so) of if/how I smell.

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