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Hi! just thought id give you all an update on me

Hello my friends! I am still doing well, still dry and diaper free. I just finished working at a summer camp for kids with special needs, and it was ABSOLUTE, AMAZING JOY. I want to do it again next summer. I'm job hunting now, hoping to land the perfect job..anything involving working with kids.. I love kids, they're so fun to work with :)

Peace Out!

Re: Hi! just thought id give you all an update on me

Hey there Rob!

Congratulations! :) Must be a nice feeling to be dry. My incon is too complicated and the possible "cures" too risky in side affects to mess with. Cure very possibly worse than the problem in my case, but congratulations to you! :)

Yep, I agree. Kids are a blast to work with! I have volunteered in hospitals working with terminally ill kids, worked Muscular Dystrophy camps, etc... Now I volunteer in the Children's Ministry at my church. Definitely fun!

What did they do again to solve your incontinence?

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Re: Hi! just thought id give you all an update on me

Brian.. it was a combination of taking me off Catapres, advising me to avoid constipation, and training me to relax my pelvic floor completley via PT. It was mainly overflow incontinence caused by not emptying completley. The floods could have been a result of the inadequate emptying causing urine to accumulate in the bladder and then the muscles fatigued and let everything out.. but thats a thing of the past now.