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The Dry 24/7 Brief....

Good Morning all!

Well, I have some good news! If you have never tried the Dry24/7 diaper, you need to head over to XP Medical (, the parent company of our site sponsor, and give them a try! I have used them in the past and encouraged XP Medical to carry them as I felt they were a truly superior product even to the Abena X-Plus. I tried them about six months ago and have a bag coming in to make sure they are identical to what I tried before. I wil be doing a very thorough review of them including pictures of the product when I try the pack out.

Product color, for those of you who are familiar with the peach (pink) color of the large, has been changed to all white per XP Medical's request! Yes! Now, super quality and absorbency in an all white diaper. I really would love to know how they decide to make a large diaper pink!! Well, that problem is solved with the Dry24/7 from XP Medical.

If you haven't tried them yet, you really need to. This awesome new product is about 1 cent cheaper per piece than the Abena X-Plus too! Don't let the case price make you think they're more expensive...the Dry 24/7 contains more diapers.

Please post what you think of the product here. I'd like to incorporate reviews into my own. I really think this one is the BEST product available now...and that's no hype.

Kind Regards,

One of the Moderators