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Provider's Choice Active Ultra Diapers - Update...

Howdy everyone!

Well, back in July, I had asked if anyone had tried the Provider's Choice Active Ultra Diaper that has the plastic backing with the velcro tabs. Well, my first case I bought was good with the exception of a velcro tab or two that ripped off the diaper as I was putting it on. I bought three more cases and I am pretty sure I won't be buying this brand again unless the price comes WAY WAY down. Out of 32 diapers out of the first case so far, here are the defects:

4 diapers were missing one velcro tab entirely.
1 diapers, the velcro part of the tab came right off the tab while I was putting it on
1 diaper the whole tab that the velcro is attached two ripped right off the diaper as I was pulling it around to the front to fasten it.

As you can see this is OVER a 25% defect rate! I have emailed the vendor I purchased the three cases from regarding this. We'll see how they respond. I am very shocked at such a high defect rate.

I have a bag of the Dry24/7 Briefs by DryCare coming in from XP Medical and will be posting a review and pictures of them as soon as I try them out. Like I said before, if they are still as good as when I tried them about a year ago, I am planning to switch to those and purchasing them from XP Medical. Stay tuned!

Kind Regards,

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