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Depends products

I noticed that Walmart did not have Depends Boost pads a while back and called Depends to find out what happened. Theyt told me that Walmart was no longer going to carry them. So, I found a place on line to buy them.

Next, I notice that Walmart did not have any "Fitted Briefs" (diapers) on the shelves and I again called Depends to find out what was going on. It turns out that Walmart will no longer sell the Depends diapers. In fact, I saw no diapers in that section, only protectice underwear and pads.

While talking to the lady at Depends, she stated that Depends is no longer making the Boost pads and to buy what I could from on line vendors while supplies last.

I did notice, while on line looking for booster pads that Attends makes one. However, I do not know how that compares to the Depends proctuct.

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Re: Depends products

Have you thought about buying products online or about trying something better than Depends?

If you're in the U.S., check out sites such as X-P medical. Or you're in Canada, check out These sites carry high quality diapers at reasonable prices, and they ship in plain containers so that the whole neighborhood dosent know you're receiving packages of diapers. Sites such as the two I've mentioned also carry absorbent inserts.

Re: Depends products

Hey there Mike!

Wow! Wal-Mart no longer carrying Depend Briefs? Huh...guess they're pretty confident in their own Assurance brand...not a bad product but not great either.

I was surprised to hear Kimberly Clark is going to quit making the Boost pads. Have you tried the Tranquility Contour booster pads? They have the same shape as diaper padding and absorb a LOT. I use them quite a bit with ceap diapers to save cash and they work well and keep the skin very dry. You can usually find a case of 120 on Ebay for about $35.00 or so.

Thanks for the news on the Depend brand. Wonder if Depend is now going to focus more ont he protective underwear line or if it's just a Wal-Mart thing.

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Unique Wellness Now Available in Canada

We have been working with the manufacturer of Unique Wellness Super Absorbent Adult Briefs, and are now carrying them in Canada. We invite you to come visit our store at

We look forward to serving you soon!


Tranquility pads

I tried the Tranquility booster pads. Yes they absorb well, but since I wake my husband up at night to catch urine, the pads kept falling into the toilet when I pulled down his "pull down" diaper. I had to switch to one with the sticky side to hold it. Any ideas? When I don't catch him at night, the urine comes out the side or top of 4 layers of diapers - including the outer nighttime reusable underwear - the sides are all open and urine just goes right out even with other diapers and pads on. I need help and ideas! Need pull downs cause I can catch him, but if I don't it's a mess.