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Cloth Like Backing or Plastic? Opinions Please....

OK, this is a topic which I KNOW there are opinions on. I am curious as to your opinions on diapers, pads, undergarments, etc... with cloth like breathable backings vs. plastic backings.

I have my personal views on the two different products but don't want to "taint" the responses with my own yet. I'll be sharing my views in an article in March here on the site but would love to have feedback from those who read this site. What do you think on the following:

Odor Control or lack thereof
Leakage Protection or lack thereof
Product Durability (does it stretch, do the tabs rip off, etc...)
Is ANY cloth like product good for overnight use?

Just curious as to what others think.

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Re: Cloth Like Backing or Plastic? Opinions Please....

I've tried both the clothlike and plastic covered versions of the Abena X-Plus. Both versions appear to hold the same amount of fluid, and both versions seem to be prone to annoying small leaks. In the clothlike version, the leakage is gradual seepage. In the plastic version, the leakage is through pinholes in the plastic. However, in both cases, the amount of leakage is generally small enough not to be noticeable if you wear dark coloured pants. I prefer the plastic version because the plastic cover irritates my skin less than the clothlike covers.

Abena seems to have improved its tapes in comparison to what theynwere a few years ago.