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13 yr old non verbal incontinence - please help! :)

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!!!
I have a 13yr old, about 90 lbs, 5'3, and unfortunately he is 100%non this means I cannot ask him one of the many questions I have for him to make his life better.
Currently, he has had much trouble with fecal incontinence. He stools right before he wakes up (all thru the night diapers) and has what I call a "blow out" every morning. We have tried different diapers and none seem to keep it in. My heart breaks for him because as much as I don't like to clean it up each am, I can't imagine how HE feels. He is the sweetest, happiest boy, but I can tell this is wearing him down too. We've switched diet..everything. So my hope is to see if anyone here may know of a great nighttime diaper that will with stand keeping all of that in. We have gone through a pair of jammies every night, and nearly 15 bedding sets. I'm out of ideas...samples...any thoughts? Thanks sooo much!

Re: 13 yr old non verbal incontinence - please help! :)

Hi Jade;

I was waiting to reply to this to give someone who may have more experience with bowel incontinence a chance to reply. For the most part, I am bowel continent by sticking to a bowel management program and primarily deal with urinary incontinence. I do wear diapers for the urinary incontinence all the time, so if I do have a bowel accident, it's nto such a big deal.

Anyway, I'm sure this is very frustrating for both you and your son! Let me ask a few questions and maybe I can offer some suggestions:

1. What does he wear for protection now (ie. a diaper with tape or velcro like tabs on the sides, a pullup type product or something else?)?
2. Where does the leakage seem to happen most...the leg openings, back waist, etc...?
3. Does his stool (sorry for graphic nature here folks) tend to be runny/watery or more solid?

In asking these questions I am trying to figure out what you guys have tried so far that has failed so I don't suggest something that you have already tried. Strange solutions tend to work well. For instance: During the day, I wear a medium size diaper for a waist of 32" to 44" which works well under clothing. For night time, this would not work, as it would tend to leak at the sides and the waist, as I sleep on my side. I found that wearing a large diaper for a waist of 44" to 58" at night, it comes up higher at the waist and has a larger padding area that covers so well, I NEVER have night time leaks anymore. So maybe we can figure out a creative solution for your son.

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Re: 13 yr old non verbal incontinence - please help! :)

I would certianly try tranquility ATN diapers with Comco plastic pants. They make a great Youth diaper. If that doesn't work try the Bakins plastic pants lined with terry. Also try plastic pants and cloth diapers from Bakins are great also. Tranquility does offer free samples.

Re: 13 yr old non verbal incontinence - please help! :)

try plastic pants over the diaper