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Diaper Reviews...

Hey Everyone!

Well, finally I have the new site format down. What do you think of it? Like it, hate it, don't really care?

What do you think of the new disposable diaper reviews format (mainly referring to the Unique Wellness, Dry 24/7 and Provider's Choice reviews, as they are the new format)? Do you like the new review format? Is it too much information or not enough? If you've used any of those three diapers, did you find the review helpful and/or on target?

What other products do you want to see reviewed in the Disposable Diapers section?

Please feel free to drop me your thoughts either here on the forum or privately by email. Be honest. You won't hurt my feelings. We can only have the best incontinence site on the web if it meets what folks are looking for, so I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Kind Regards,

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Re: Diaper Reviews...

I like the new site format and especially the reviews.

I would like to see reviews ofmthe Secure X-Plus and Tena Night Super.

Re: Diaper Reviews...

Hey there Nick!

Thanks for the compliment on the site format!

I will be doing a review of the Tena Super pretty soon. Overall, I like them...NOT for night time use at all, but for daytime they're very good and cooler than plastic backed diapers in hot weather...but then you run into problems that the cloth like sides can leak if wetness runs around to the side for some reason.

The Secure X-Plus I have been waiting to do a review on until I can get the size large (which they are out of right now and give no indication as to if or whether they will ever be available again...actually they never answered that email) so right now all I can based on my current size medium experience is not so good. The construction of the product is GREAT, the absorbency is GREAT, including padding durability, but their sizing is misleading in that there is NO WAY the medium will fit a 44" waist or hip. Up to a 38" yes, but 44", no way. I don't know if the tapes popping loose and/or stretching and breaking is due to the fact that the medium is WAY too tight on my or if they just plain suck. I know their tapes are a bit on the small side. I'm not a big fan of the tape landing zone at all either. It makes the font of the diaper very stiff and does tend to make noise under clothing. I think they would be better served by a larger tape that is the double (top and bottom) tape system like on most every other diaper on the market and NO tape landing zone.

SO, like I said, the jury is still out on the Secure X-Plus. Not receiving an answer to my question on the large size availability other than to tell me to order the Provider's Choice Active Ultra from them if I want size large, doesn't make me happy.

There are my two cents. LOL! Keep your eye out for the Tena Super review! I may do a Secure X-Plus review on my current experience since I can't get a response form the company on the size large, but I just don't think it will be that fair to the product, but then again, maybe it's right on.

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Re: Diaper Reviews...

The site is very nice.Brian what type of cloth diaper and where to buy as I'am going to change to cloth because more problems with wetting.Thanks Ron

Re: Diaper Reviews...

I just checked out your diaper reviews. My wife is wheelchair bound and incontinent. Medicaid has been supplying pullups from Covidien which do not work at all. We tried putting Tena Ultimate pads inside them, but that put too much pressure against her private area. I tried stretch tab style briefs from Walmart and CVS but they also leaked overnight. Then I bought a box of Northshore AirSupremes. Of course, no more leaks and they hold a lot, but the absorbent is as stiff as a board and is painful in the crotch area for her. So after a bit more research, I bought a box of Tena Stretch Supers. While they will leak if worn too long, they are sufficient for overnight use and she is comfortable in them. The absorbent also breaks up when wet, but doesn't seem to put pressure against her private area. The price is also reasonable. I noticed you gave them a good review as well. But I would like to see more detail about the stiffness of the absorbent material along with how well it holds together in your reviews for sensitive people like my wife. But I do appreciate the work that you have done in testing them and reporting your findings.

Re: Diaper Reviews...

Have you all tried the new Attends Premier Briefs. I have used them and they are some of the softest overnight diapers I have ever used. Also very absorbent for overnight use! Here is a link for Amazon

Re: Diaper Reviews...

Thank you so much for the diaper reviews. The format is great, the chart at the top of each review provides a great overview of that particular diaper and a good way to compare products. I like the content of your reviews as well, you give good information for us to make a decision as to what might work for me. I used the Tena Super for years and like it for the price. On one of our trips to Ukraine I tried the Seni Super Plus (I bought in a pharmacy there.) and have been using them for several years. They work very well for me to use for overnight, I very rarely have any leaks. Also hard to beat the price of $65.35 ($0.87/each)for a case of 75! Thank you for all the work on the entire site! Great job.