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Product Reviews "On The Mark"?

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well! Hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas and New Years are right around the corner! 2011 has just gone by so quick!

I was curious to get opinions on the newer diaper reviews that we've done (such as the Wellness Brief, Dry24/7, etc...). Have the reviews been helpful to you? Do you find they are on the mark and correct? Is there more information or different information you want to see in the reviews?

I want the make this site what YOU want. If you are looking for something different in the product reviews, let me hear it!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Kind Regards,

Owner/One of the Moderators

Re: Product Reviews "On The Mark"?

I think that your product reviews are great in the amount of detail that they provide. However, that does not necessarily mean that everyone will end up agreeing with you.

Dry24/7 diapers recently became available from a reliable supplier in Canada where I live, and I ordered a case. Everything you said about them is true, but I am discovering that they are really too much diaper for me to feel comfortable wearing while I go about my everyday business. I agree with you that people don't generally go looking for people who are wearing diapers and that relatively subtle indications of padding go unnoticed. However, the Dry 24/7 diapers are so big and thick and swell up so much when wet that I think that wearing one when out shopping and doing other errands becomes somewhat exhibitionistic.