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Comment much would YOU pay for a diaper?

OK, this is a question I have wanted to ask for a while...

How much would you really pay for a super absorbent premium diaper??

First, we saw the Molicare Super Plus (originally called just the SUPER) Brief come into the country and they were considered EXPENSIVE for the time (about 15 years ago) and then about 10 or so years ago the Abena brand came into the country. Currently, the Molicare Super Plus run around $1.43 per diaper and the Abena run around the same price per diaper based on the medium size pricing. Now, you have the new diaper Dry24/7 at around $1.73 per diaper and the Unique Wellness Brief around $1.33.

Now, there is a new class of diapers coming up. This is where the conversation gets uncomfortable for some.... one of the companies who caters to the AB/DL crowd has just come out with a new diaper that runs $1.90 EACH and another AB/DL company has just had one made that runs an undetermined price as they have only taken pre-orders, but I have been told they will be very close to $2.00 EACH!! The first "AB/DL diaper" that runs about $1.90 each frankly, is a fantastic product! Yes, I will admit, I tried an "AB/DL diaper", so shoot me. LOL! I could not stand the babyish printed tape landing zone, but since no one ever sees me in just a diaper, I could get past it, but seriously...$1.90 each???

What do you guys think? Where do you draw the line in price...or do you? I do not see myself buying $1.90 per diaper products. That's a lot of cash when you figure three in a 24 hour period. Basically you're looking at 90 or so of them in a month which would be about $171.00 per month! For those of us who wear diapers full time due to medical reasons, this seems kind of high. Let me hear what you think? Do you think no price is too high if the diaper works perfectly? Do you just "make do" with cheaper diapers or do you fall in the middle, like I do....premium diapers for when I'm out and about and cheaper ones for at home where I can change more often? Let me hear your thoughts!

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Re: much would YOU pay for a diaper?

For me, the bigger issue is not how much each diaper costs but the total cost and the freedom that using diapers gives me. It's less expensive to use two diapers that cost $1.50 each during 24 hours than to use four diapers that cost $1.00 each.

For the past 15 years or so, I've mainly been using high-quality, high-capacity diapers that I buy online and that cost somewhere between $1.25 and $1.75 each; and I generally use two or three of these diapers per day. In 2010, the total came to $1300 and change, and I claim that as a medical expense on my taxes. It's expensive, but the diapers allow me to pretty much go wherever I want to go and do whatever I want to do. I could get by for less if I bought cheaper store-brand diapers, but my experience is that cheap diapers leak much more often than high-quality diapers; and I don't like to worry about whether the diaper I have on is going to leak.

Re: much would YOU pay for a diaper?

Wait a min. to claim medical expenses on taxes, you have to cross 10% of your agi, right? For me, that would be way more then $1300... Unless you only make $13k a year?!

Re: much would YOU pay for a diaper?

I agree the price off adult diapers is expensive now i get more miles by using a cheap childs diaper with tabs cut off (just pad) as an insert so first wetting you whip it out and bin it and your still good to go.
Adult diaper 0.90p Child diaper 0.25p
As for the adult baby diapers who needs a diaper that holds 4 liters? when you pee its half pint so thats 16 times,thats over kill in my point of view and VERY expensive not to mention bulky.

Re: much would YOU pay for a diaper?

I just found a site that is selling adult diapers for £154 for a pack of 10 lmfao
also in my search for good diaper supplies i found a brand called "Palmjoy"